5 Alternative of Google Hindi Input tools

Do you want to know about the Alternative of Google Hindi Input tools? If yes then you have come right, through this post we will know about the alternatives of Google Hindi Input tools. Even after installing many times, Google Hindi Input tools offline does not work on our computer, behind which there can be many reasons, which we will know later, first we come to our topic if it is not working then what to do, Actually, there would be many alternatives of 1 tool, in which the features were almost similar and they are working, then we can use it at the time of need so that the work is not hindered and the work gets done, so let’s know Google Hindi Input tools About Alternatives.

5 Alternative of Google Hindi Input tools

Google Input Tool is a very good tool, if you are having a problem with Hindi typing then it can help you a lot, but apart from this tool, there are many tools available in the market which can replace it if it works in them. If not doing so, let’s know about the alternative tool.

Microsoft Indic Language input tool

Indic Language input tool is also a very good and useful tool for Hindi typing, this tool has been made by Microsoft, you can download this tool by visiting the official website or you can also download it from the link given below. This tool comes different for all windows and to use it in windows 10 you have to install some language addons as well only then you can use this tool. After installing you have to restart your computer and after that, you can activate the Hindi keyboard, you can also do this from windows + space, after that you can do Hindi typing. Hindi Input online is a very good tool, it is made by Google, through this you can easily type Hindi. This tool supports the Hindi language as well as many other languages, for more information you can read this post ” Google Hindi Input online Install “. There are 2 ways to use this tool 1 – Google Chrome extension 2 – Google’s input page You can use this tool through both these methods, in the first one you just have to install the extension in your browser and  The language will have to be selected by going to the settings, but one of the drawbacks of this tool is that you can type Hindi or another language in the page or browser, it will not work in any software, if you want to use text in the software, then you can use this You can write in the tool or browser and then paste it in the software or word. 

Hinglish to Hindi app from Windows store

This is a very good and useful tool for typing Hinglish to Hindi, to use this tool, you just have to install this software on your computer from Microsoft Store, after that whatever text you type, it will be typed in Hindi. You can read the rest of the instructions in the description of this web app, which will help you to understand it.

Google Translate

Google Translate is such a tool in which you can also type Hindi, you have to select the language from the tab in Hindi and you will have to keep the text in Hindi, you can see the photo given below.  After this, whatever you type, it will be typed in Hindi, in this, you also get to see auto-suggestions, so that you can type the word quickly. This is an online tool, you have to use it by staying online, after that you can copy the data and paste it anywhere.  visit Google Translate

EasyHindiTyping dot com

EasyHindiTyping is a website that comes with the feature of Hindi typing, with the help of this website you can easily do Hindi typing, just you have to visit the website.  You cannot use this tool in any software, so you have to copy the text by typing online and you can paste it wherever you want to use it.

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In this post, we shared with you the 5 best Alternative of Google Hindi Input tools, using which you can easily do Hindi typing, all these are very good and useful tools, you must use them once. I hope you have liked this post, if you found this post useful, then do share it with your friends and if you have any questions related to it, then definitely tell by commenting.
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