History Books In Hindi PDF Download

Today we have brought not one or two but four Indian History Pdf for you. All these books are of Upkar Publications. The books of Upkar publication are very quality, especially of Indian history.

So if you are preparing for any competitive exam like IAS, PCS, or any other similar exam, you download these books from the link given below. All these books will prove to be of great use to you.

History Books In Hindi PDF

Indian History for all of you students, in which ancient, medieval and modern history are sharing significant books related to competitive examinations, an essential book from the examination point of view.

The special thing in these books of History Books In Hindi Pdf download is that you will get books from the history of ancient India to the history of modern India.

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Upkar Prakashan History Books

Looking at the changing one-day pattern today, History Books Pdf will prove helpful for the candidates. In these books, all of you will get to read in the form of notes about the main facts of the entire subjects of the history of India.

This book will be beneficial for those students who are interested in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), State Public Service Commission, Lower Subordinate, UDA-LDA (UDA-LDA), PCS (J) (PCS J), Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), NDA, CDS, CPF, LIC, GIC, B.Ed.

You have been given a lot of important information in these Upkar Indian History Pdf Books, making this  Indian history in Hindi pdf book collectible marks for the examinees. Let us give you some information about the topic of this book.

Topics of Upkar Prakashan History Books

History Books In Hindi PDF Download latest
History Books In Hindi PDF Download latest

Ancient India History

  • Time division for the study of the past
  • Harappan Civilization
  • Vedic period
  • Ancient Indian Religion and Philosophy
  • Mahajanapada period
  • Magadha period
  • Mauryan Empire
  • post-Maurya period
  • Secret period
  • Post-Gupta period
  • Rajput period (pre-medieval period)
  • South India

Ancient India History – 2

  • Rise of Islam
  • Arab conquest of Sindh
  • Rise of Turks and Invasion of India
  • Delhi Sultanate 1206 to 1526
  • regional state
  • Religious movement
  • Mughal Dynasty (from 1526 to 1857)
  • Post-Mughal period (from 1707 to 1857)
  • Maratha
  • Peshwa period

Modern India History

  • Rise of nationalism
  • the social and religious reform movement
  • Rise of a new class in India
  • Revolt of 1857
  • tribal rebellion
  • princely movement
  • Peasants’ Movement and Revolt
  • Trade Union Andolan and the Left
  • Economic history of India
  • British rule and its policies
  • Development of Indian National Movement
  • Gandhi era
  • Constitutional development of India
  • National movement
  • political parties of India
  • Progress of 1947-1964
  • personality and thoughts.

History Books In Hindi PDF Download Free

History Books In Hindi PDF Download
History Books In Hindi PDF Download

Upkar Prakashan’s Ancient India History – Download

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